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Last Start Live strums through the intercom

Courtesy of M. Lowe
Courtesy of M. Lowe

The day starts out just like any other normal late start Wednesday. Long lines for coffee at the School Grounds coffee shop, students lounged on the floor sleeping or finishing their homework, and groups of people just wandering around the school with their friends.

Yet, there is something different about today’s late start. The sound of a heavy bass, rapid guitar strumming, and piercing vocals, fill the hallways of Huntley High, along with the familiar hum of multiple conversations.

Courtesy of M. Lowe
Courtesy of M. Lowe

The name of the band is Dead Authority, who had the opportunity to showcase their talents for this week’s Late Start Live; a live concert where students can perform their music for other the students and staff on late start Wednesdays.

After seeing sophomore Johnny Sanabria playing the guitar for his friends on late starts last year, campus supervisor Mark Loewe decided to have some of the students play live music during the two minute passing periods. Once word got out, other students started coming out and asked if they could also play live for everyone.

Once Loewe came up with the idea of having students perform, he approached Sanabria and asked him if he could play his music for the two-minute warning for late start.

“I decided just to do it,” said Loewe. “Word got out and Dead Authority approached me and asked me if they could do it. Then we had Dylan Ou [who] brought in computer music and played his music live on a touchpad through his computer.”

After facing a few delays, Loewe finally got Dead Authority to play at the late start two weeks ago. Only it was not just for the two minute passing period this time.

“Mr. Rowe came to me and said ‘I heard we’re having music today’,” said Loewe. “And I said, ‘Yeah we’re going to have it for the two minute warning,’ and he said ‘Can we have them play earlier?’ and I’m like sure.”

They were put outside the LRC, where they performed for about 10 minutes. Chris Evans, another student who was the two minute warning music artist for this week’s late start, played solo on the guitar outside the L-Z office.

What started out as two minute warning music, eventually became before-school hallway music with friends and staff crowded around to support the musicians.

“I thought it was a great way to showcase some of the musical talents that Huntley High School has,” said Loewe. “I’d like to have music every late start Wednesday from now on.”

And it does not have to be limited to just rock bands and guitarists, any body can participate. Whether it be a saxophone solo from one of the band kids or a clean and school-appropriate rap battle, the spot is open to anyone who wants to show off their musical talents.

“I’ve talked to Mrs.Cross…and I want to get the Barber Shop Quartet boys down here,” said Loewe. “I want to get some of the other choir people down [here]. I’d like to do a “Pitch Perfect” thing!”

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