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Going to the movies, a waste of money and time

Anything  actually worth seeing during opening weekend is normally sold-out before you even arrive at the theater.  So, Fandango is the only way to go if you even remotely want to try seeing a movie.  After taxes and Fandango’s courtesy fee, you spend $14 on a ticket before even stepping foot into the theater.Screen_on_the_green_1 When walking into the multi-million dollar business, you can’t help but smell the overwhelming aroma of buttery popcorn and, my favorite, blue raspberry slushees.

Now, you’re at $44, that is, if you go alone. Add another $20 for your date, and BAM. You’ve spent $64, and you haven’t even gotten to the 20 minute long trailers before the movie starts.

Anything can ruin the movie experience. Your local theater probably has spent thousands of dollars on advertisements to entice their audience to keep quiet, not to use your phone for calls or texting, yet human nature doesn’t naturally follow such rules. The couples who think it’s their right to talk in the theater, to kiss, or to do other unnamed actions. Sorry guys, just because you have a blanket, doesn’t mean that others don’t know what you’re doing.

The last movie I saw was during its opening weekend. Kids and adults of all ages were at this movie. Not one seat was open for debate. The arrogance of certain people surprise me. When you have little children next to you, why is it okay to do these unnamely actions? It is no different than having sex on the playground with children present.  After complaining to management, these two were kicked out of the theater for their arrogance. I, on the other hand, received two free movie tickets for my next showing, but do I really want to come back?

As soon as the movie hits screens, production companies are already putting them out on to DVD and making them compatible with Netflix or other big-time movie companies. Is waiting two more months worth it? I think so. You can either buy the movie for $15, or rent it from Redbox for $1.29 and enjoy in the comfort of your own couch. You can talk during the movie, pause it, grab a snack, leave the rest for another time, while cutting your expenses by about 200 percent.

I might sound like a hermit, but I can spend the money I’ve saved on bigger and better things, rather than employing AMC theaters with $30 per hour of my earned cash. I for one, would rather go mini-golfing.

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