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From corn fields to Broadway

The freshman mixed choir perform on the stage (Brands).
The freshman mixed choir perform on the stage (Brands).

The PAC was packed on Oct. 7 at 7:00 p.m. for the HHS choir’s first concert of the year. The theme for this concert was Broadway musicals.

Beforehand, the participants were all gathered in room 1216 to practice and chat amongst themselves. The mood in the room was a positive one and the participants were brimming with enthusiasm.

“I think it will go splendidly,” said senior Michael Grimm. “We sounded great at practice.”

The doors to the PAC opened at 6:25 p.m. and the large audience poured in. The lights dimmed before the concert finally began at 7:00.

The show began with the Freshman Mixed Choir. They filed onto the stage in red shirts and black pants, and performed Cruella De Vil, Home, and Dancing Through Life.

The Concert Choir came on next. They entered the stage donning matching black robes and sang Sun and Moon. Then they all shed their robes revealing their dress clothes, and the girls performed Dancing Queen, with Ed Ferrante as the Dancing Queen, and the boys performed Highlights.

The Treble Choir was the only choir made up of only girls, and they were all dressed in black. They sang “Once”, with soloists Hailey Richert and Kelsey Cecala, and Beauty and the Beast.

The last to perform were the Mastersingers; the girls wore black and the boys wore black pants and a white dress shirt with a bow tie. They sang Pippin and the solo artists include Melissa Drzal, Jordan Trejo, Matt Klein, Aiden Mullis, Ashley Ober, and Alexa LaFaire.

“[Compared to last year] I feel like there’s a more even sound,” said senior Aboorva Sivasankaran. “We’re more enthusiastic and there’s a better energy.”

All four choirs took the stage and ended the concert with When You Believe. Sydney Anderson was the solo artist for that piece.

At the end of the show, the auditorium was ringing with applause, and the performers met with their congratulating families and friends. The choir’s first concert set the bar very high for the remaining concerts coming up this year.

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