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1989 album review: Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift performs at Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky, on Saturday, April 27, 2013.

For most people, the name Taylor Swift brings a sour taste to their mouth, but for the few 70 million of us who are die-hard fans, she is one of the few things we talk about and today, we could not stop talking about the new album, “1989.”

The sound is something new for all of us. Swift no longer relies on her guitar, like in previous albums Speak Now or Fearless, but on the rhythmic beats of the drums and computer.

It is safe say that she really took a leap of faith leaving her usual country ways to try and fit in with the pop music of today. However, like always, the leap of faith was small because the album was a success.

“Welcome to New York,” the album opener, uses the synthetic piano and a punchy beat the set the stage for the rest of the album. Swift said that the inspiration for this song came from the city itself, where she moved when she began writing the album.

While the whole album sounds different, the way she writes has not changed. This is why the album is going to be so successful. Swift is able to keep her writing style while changing her sound and that can take an artist to unimaginable places.

“Wildest Dreams” is one of my favorites on the album because it is not quite as “pop” as the rest of the songs. It reminds me of a black and white movie, the way she sets up the scene. It is like some of the songs on her last album, Red, but still has the different feel that “1989” should.

“I Know Places” is also another song that stands out against the other ones. It is darker than the rest when she says, “They are the hunters and we are the foxes,” and I think that is what makes it good. It is not pop, but it is not her usual sound either. It is edgier and I would love to hear more songs like this from her in the future.

Overall, “1989” is going to be a huge hit, and while it may take a while, fans will all come to the mutual agreement that this is her best album yet.

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