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The five best December movie trailers are…
Jouney into the Woods this December (Courtesy of

Many movies will flood to theaters in December, and people are very indecisive on what to watch. They range from Pyramids, museums, fairies, a hobbit, and a journey into the woods.  Here are the top five movie trailers for December.

5) The Hobbit:The Battle of Five Armies

  • A promise was made, and soon a broken town was engulfed by flames. Ruins brought to  people in Middle Earth. They are afraid, and the mountain where they are located, must be protected. Meanwhile an army is growing, and the war bats foreshadow the oncoming war. Loyalty is on the line, conflicts, and they give rise to the hero Frodo, along with others. See The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies Dec. 17.

4) Night at the Museum 3

  • The museum is back, and bigger than ever, and Larry Daley (Ben Stiller) knows it.The tablet rises, and gives life to the museum when the moon is up. But a problem rises and Larry journeys to London, with Robin Williams as Teddy Roosevelt, and Chris the monkey as Dexter also makes an appearance along with many other characters. This is a race to uncover the mystery begins, and a bump also into Sir Lancelot (Dan Stephens) is made. The journey to many areas of the London Museum, leads to help save their own museum back in the United States. See Night of the Museum 3, Dec. 19.

3) Tinkerbelle and the Legend of The Neverbeast

  • A comet brightens the night sky at Pixie Hollow. But down in the cave at Pixie Hollow there lies a monster, with a legend. Fawn (Angel Bartys) finds the Neverbeast, by hearing a howl. The fairies and Pixie Hollow are determined to discover the mystery, and uncover the truth about Pixie Hollow. See Tinker Belle: The Legend of the Neverbeast this December.

2) The Pyramid

  • The curse the pharaohs comes to those who an intruder there tomb, and in 2014, a new tomb is disturbed. Holden (Dennis O’hare), and others find a pyramid with only three sides. They soon journey into the storytelling tomb, that has the group get trapped by the unknown, and being chased by a  monster. Get lost in The Pyramid this December.

1 )Into the Woods

  • Many characters around “The Woods” make a wish. “The Witch” (Meryl Streep) asks the wishers to reverse the curse if they want. But they have to pay a price to get their satisfaction, they do that by going into the woods. A farmer, princess, and little red riding hood, all journey to the woods. They all soon meet up with each other, and  they want to discover their individual secrets, but also as a whole. Journey Into the Woods Dec. 25.

    Jouney into the Woods this December (Courtesy of
    Jouney into the Woods this December (Courtesy of
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