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We all reach a point in our Netflix binge-watching tirade, the “I’ve seen it all,” or “There’s nothing good to watch,” seems to be the only thing on our minds. But suddenly a flood of new TV shows and movies are added to the site, and we no longer feel like giving up hope.

As we settle into the cold and relentless winter, we turn to the prized resource of entertainment during these dormant months, good ol’ Netflix. As the new year approaches, many upcoming and exciting additions are announced to be added to the site, fueling our never ending addictions.

On November 5, Netflix officially announced that they had purchased the rights to Lemony Snicket’s, pen name of Daniel Handler, “A Series of Unfortunate Events” book series, and are planning to adapt it into a Netflix Original Series.

“A Series of Unfortunate Events” was turned into a film in 2004, starring Jim Carrey. The books tell the story of the misfortunes of orphaned siblings Klaus, Violet, and Sunny after their parents are killed in a house fire.It details their adventures and interactions with the mysterious Count Olaf, their supposed “uncle” who desires to take the Baudelaire family fortune by any means possible. I read several of the books, and despite its darker nature, it is a humorous series and I think the show will be popular with a general audience.

On October 15, Netflix announced that all 10 seasons, 236 episodes, of Friends will be added to the popular site on January 1, 2015. The announcement was made with a video featuring The Rembrandts and James Michael Tyler singing “I’ll be there for you”, the show’s opening song.

The third season of Orange is the New Black also wrapped within the past two weeks. The series follows Piper Chapman, a typical middle-class woman who goes to a women’s prison for 15 months for involvement in a drug trade. The show is hilarious and addresses many social controversies present today.

Netflix users can expect a great number of new shows and movies in the next couple months. So say goodbye to your family and friends, and call in sick, you’ve got shows to watch.

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