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College football playoff lives up to excitment


There was one question that had everyone on the edge of their seat Sunday afternoon. This simple question determines history. Who is in? This will be the first year in history that college football will have a four team playoff for a National Championship.

In the beginning of the year the college committee decided that it would be fair to have a playoff to decide who would win the most prized possession in college football. Everyone believed that this would be a good idea, but felt skeptical and knew it would be chaos when it came down to deciding. Six teams had a chance to be in these playoffs Florida State, Oregon, Alabama, Ohio State, Baylor, and TCU.

The committee looked closely at these teams seasons and their conference title games Saturday. Some were hoping for upsets to make this an easier decision, but that did not happen as all of these teams won which makes it even harder to decide. For Florida State, Oregon and Alabama it was all about who was taking that number one seed. While for Baylor, Ohio State and TCU it was about taking that number four spot and competing in the first ever college playoffs.

Baylor believes they deserve the number four spot because they won a share of the Big 12 conference title and defeated TCU in a head to head match up. TCU won a share of the Big 12 conference defeated Iowa State 55-3 and only lose to a high caliber team,while Baylor lost to a weak West Virginia team.

Ohio State made a statement Saturday winning the Big 10 conference title defeating a very strong Wisconsin 59-0 team, but lost to a very poor Virginia Tech team. Every team has a right to be in, but Sunday Dec. 7 history was made when the first ever college playoff bracket was made.

With Alabama at number one, Oregon at number two, Florida State at number three, and Ohio State at number four. Looks like Ohio State’s statement on Saturday destroying a strong Wisconsin team sealed the deal for the Buckeyes. On this special Sunday we witnessed history and I believe we are all excited to see what happens next.

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