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Netflix blog: House of Cards


On Feb. 1, 2014, the world met Frank Underwood, a ruthless Democrat from South Carolina. Netflix’s original series “House of Cards,” based on the BBC miniseries, follows Underwood’s mission to conquer Washington D.C., kicking ass and taking names along the way.

Season one opens with Underwood, the majority House Whip, being passed over for Secretary of State, a position he was guaranteed by newly elected President Walker. His mission for revenge against all those who wronged him begins.

In the first season, Underwood works alongside his wife, Claire, and Washington Post writer Zoe Barnes, tactically attacking the executives in Washington to expose their corruption and mistakes. Underwood successfully fights the education reform bill which robbed him of his position as Secretary of State, and he ascends farther up the political ladder. At the end of the season Underwood accepts Walker’s offer to become his vice president, and Zoe and her fellow journalists begin to unwind Underwood’s plans.

Season two, released by Netflix on Feb. 14, 2014, picks up right where season one left off. The season kicks off with the shocking death of Zoe Barnes at the hands of Frank Underwood. Underwood begins his career as vice president, and advises his replacement as House Whip, Jackie Sharp, and she becomes tangled in his schemes. Underwood faces threats from a rich rival, Raymond Tusk, but ends the season as the new president of the United States following the resignation of Walker and the arrest of Tusk.

I went into “House of Cards” with slight skepticism, I had heard praise and hate against the show. I feared the concept would be dry and entirely political, but I was pleasantly surprised to find it was not that way. “House of Cards” is one of my favorite shows: the plot is dynamic, the depth of the characters is enticing, and the political concepts in the show are easily understood.

I am extremely excited for the release of season three onto Netflix Feb. 27.

The trailer for the third season is thrilling, chilling, and suspenseful, and I have hopes for the final results. I hope to see Underwood’s ascendance into the White House, the unraveling of his wife Claire, and what ever self-promoting plot Underwood creates. By the looks of it, season three promises to be an exciting thrill and well worth the year long wait.


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