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Madison Paez doing the thing she loves most, acting.
Madison Paez doing the thing she loves most, acting.

[1]7 East Monroe St. Chicago, IL.

The Palmer House Hotel.

A place where guests spend nights under the French-painted ceiling and where tourists come to see a piece of history.

But for senior Madison Paez, it was her time and place for auditions.

After the announcement of an upcoming musical in sixth grade, she jumped right on board and got a part in the choir. Ever since she was a part of  “Seussical Jr.”, Paez found her home on the stage.

Although she started with a small role, she worked her way up all throughout middle school and is still involved with theatre today.

However, through the years her passion has shifted.

“Back in September, my interests changed from being an actress to working backstage,” said Paez. “I’m planning on getting a degree at U of I in stage management.”

Unfortunately, the transition was not easy for her.

“It was a struggle at first,” said Paez. “But now I have a balance, and I’m able to make new tech friends and maintain my friendship with actors.”

The large, extravagant hotel dawned upon Paez, as she made her way to audition for the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

“It was nerve-wracking” said Paez. “I sat down with a professor and discussed my technical theatre experience.”

In the past, Paez has operated the lighting board for three productions and recently stage managed the Freshman/Sophomore One Acts.

“It has it’s difficult and stressful moments, but I still love it,” said Paez. “Ms. DeFrancesco gives me awesome advice, but my favorite teaching of hers would be how stage managers always have to stay calm. Thankfully the PAC hasn’t started on fire or anything, but I have been put in some small stressful situations. I try to follow her advice.”

With the full love and support of her parents and twin sister, Paez dreams of one day working on Broadway, and is still waiting to hear back from the University of Illinois.

“For those looking to pursue theatre, I would say go for it,” said Paez. “Audition for shows at the high school level, figure out what you really want to do and then go for it.”

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