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The Voice

The Voice

Madison Paez doing the thing she loves most, acting.

From Front and Center, to Behind the Scenes

By Kat Gorospe
February 12, 2015
17 East Monroe St. Chicago, IL. The Palmer House Hotel. A place where guests spend nights under the French-painted ceiling and where tourists come to see a piece of history. But for senior Madison Paez, it was her time and place for auditions.
From the swamp to the stage

From the swamp to the stage

By Holly Baldacci
April 9, 2014
For the next few days in the Performing Arts Center, a replica of Shrek’s swampy home-sweet-home will lurk at the left of Huntley High School’s stage, and Princess Fiona’s childhood tower will perch on the right. The stage is set for the Thursday premiere of “Shrek the Musical,” this year’s all-school musical directed by Nancy Cross, Tom George, and Michelle Sopchyk.
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