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Haylie Larson

You want romance? Read Message In a Bottle. You want tears? Read Message In a Bottle.

Everyone knows the famous Nicholas Sparks. If not, he was the guy who wrote The Notebook, and everyone seems to know that movie, girls especially. Sparks writes a lot of romance novels such as The Notebook, including Message In a Bottle, Dear John, The Best of Me, Safe Haven, and altogether, more than 17 novels by him.

The book was glued to my hands with every chance I got to read. In retrospect, I should have seen the ending coming. If you have seen or read any of Spark’s stories, you know so far he hasn’t made a happy ending. Yet I was so caught up in the romance, feelings, and action, all I could see coming was a happy ending.

I won’t ruin it by explaining the ending, it’s just a fair warning: have tissues by the end of the book.

All and all, Message In a Bottle was riveting. It is something that keeps you up thinking at night. Thousands, if not millions, have most likely shed a few tears upon the pages of this heartbreaking book.

Two hearts find each other through their own types of pain. It is the type of idea perfect for Valentine’s Day, a romance about change and challenge, a fate that brings two people together.