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Madonna album review: Rebel Heart


Delving into this album, I was completely unsure what to expect. I have never considered myself a fan of Madonna’s and was worried that I would have to sit through a bland music in which I have no interest. “Rebel Heart” quickly proved to me that I shouldn’t be so quick to make assumptions.

 The album started out great with songs like “Devil Pray” and “Ghosttown,” that introduced the tone of the album and helped me become familiar with Madonna’s voice and sound.

 There are several different messages contained in “Rebel Heart.” One song contains lyrics about frequently using alcohol and different types of drugs and another is completely dedicated to the Illuminati.

 My favorite thing about this album is how straightforward and unapologetic it is. There are even songs called “Unapologetic B*tch” and “B*tch I’m Madonna.” These two are at the top of my list for the best songs on this album. They have a good beat and fun, confident lyrics.

 Madonna also shares one of her songs called “Iconic” with Chance the Rapper and Mike Tyson. The song is about perseverance and leaving a mark upon the world, and is a good addition to an album that focuses on self-confidence.

 Most of her songs are fast-paced, although this is not true for all of them. Near the end of the album, there are slower songs such a “Body Shop” and “Wash All Over Me” that show off Madonna’s range and raw talent while still being unique and wonderful.

 I really enjoyed this album because of the talent, good messages, and uniqueness of it. Madonna has made me a fan because of “Rebel Heart,” and I’m sure I’m not the only person she has swayed to her side.

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