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Oddest Residents of Huntley


When someone says Huntley, your first thought is of the endless of fields of corn that surround the many neighborhoods in the town.

But sophomore Dakota Henn, has made dozens of people think twice about their quiet, All-American town.

Tortoises, snakes and even tarantulas made their presence known at the RAC show Saturday. Normally only seen in a pet shop or zoo, it can be said that seeing such exotic creatures is a treat and a well-earned privilege.

It’s apparent that Henn has made it a goal of his to educate his community on such unique creatures. The Reptile and Amphibian Club is headed by Henn, who is very happy and proud to have a community that supports his odd, albeit interesting, fascination.

The scaly skins of a bearded dragon and the shell of a massive tortoise named Crush were graced by many children that were brave enough to touch them.

On the less cuddly side, several tarantulas were present and attracted the eyes of kids and parents. It was evident that it was not a scene for the faint of heart.

Whether one is squeamish or daring, it is strongly recommended that you head out and take a look, and maybe even pet, some of the coolest creatures to ever appear in Huntley.

A big thanks is also in order for the curator, Dakota Henn, and his passion and ambition to do something different and to be himself in the oddest of ways.  

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