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Fun and Games, all for a good cause


Lined up outside await the shavees. Among them are athletes, musicians, scholars, and people just trying to make a difference. All with beautiful heads of hair, but none of them the least bit regretting the decision to shave their beautiful heads.

Lead to the gym by teachers also participating, the students await the introduction to be walked across the gym floor in front of the whole school. “And here are our Shavess!” says Principal Scott Rowe. There is a sea of green as standing and clapping for their peers ready to take on the shave.

Huntley High School raised over $14,000 as a school, and as a community, Huntley raised well over $30,000 to give money to local families who have a child with cancer and donate to cancer research.

Announcing for the assembly were James Allen and Maggie Fulling from the math department. As energetic as he can be, Allen gulls out names from the raffles, the first to shave Principal Rowe’s head.

The name is drawn, Rowe sits in the chair, and he is shaven bald.

Brad Aney and his partner Alec Coss raised over $2,000 for the event and were also shaved at the event. Other teams that were shaved were, Chase Burkhart and Lana Johnson, and Dylan Weaver and Clayton Henrickson.

The event lasted until 9 p.m. that night, filled with shaved heads, Irish play music, meet and greets with Teagan, and lots of good times for everyone who participated. All for a great cause.

The donations help ease the pain a little and work towards finding a cure for cancer.



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