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“Home” is a film that families will enjoy

The theater hushed as dozens of children and their parents filed in to watch the new adventure comedy, “Home.”  They entered hoping to see a heartwarming tale, and they were treated to just that.

On March 27, “Home” was released by Dreamworks, telling the story of a clumsy, but lovable alien named Oh, and a young teen named Tip, who is trying to find her mom.

The film stars Jim Parsons as Oh, and Rihanna as Tip.  Oh is part of an alien species called “Boov” who are fleeing from the enemy “Gorgs.”  The Boov find themselves with nowhere to go but Earth, but they evict the humans to make room for themselves.

Oh and the other Boov think they are doing the humans a favor by taking over Earth, but little do they realize that they abducting all of the humans, and relocating them to remote parts of the world.  Because of all of the relocation, Tip has been separated from her mother, and is on a mission to find her.

Tip and Oh eventually cross paths, and decide to help each other, after Oh needs to escape the authorities for accidentally contacting the Gorgs, giving away the Boov’s location.

“Home” demonstrates a lot of life lessons, such as understanding other’s feelings, and accepting people for who they are.

The families in the theater definitely enjoyed “Home,” and so did I.  With the combination of the lessons represented, the animation, and the comedy in the movie, “Home” is great for families to see with their children, and depending on their interests, adults too.

"Home" represents a film that families and children can enjoy (Courtesy of
“Home” represents a film that families and children can enjoy (Courtesy of
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