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Netflix Must Watches for Spring


Spring is coming, and as the saying goes “April showers bring May flowers.” With times of very rainy and gloomy weather approaching, the best way to push through is to curl up under a couple blankets and watch some good movies, easily available to you on Netflix.

Here are my top five classic movie picks for any rainy day:

1. Breakfast Club

This movie is a timeless classic, and many, if not most, people have already seen it, but it doesn’t diminish its value.

Breakfast Club is the story of the Jock, the Burn-Out, the Princess, the Basketcase, and the Nerd as they come together one fateful saturday morning in detention. They break social boundaries and become friends, in a distant and awkward way, and overall the movie is very entertaining and it still carries a strong message.

2. Dirty Dancing

You can’t go wrong with an ’80s movie, especially one with Patrick Swayze as one of its main characters. Dirty Dancing is a fun and romantic, without all the cheesy and pathetic lines and moves, but instead tells a story of how two people come together to help each other and end up becoming something greater.

Dirty Dancing is a must see at some point in anyone’s life, so some guys just might have to give in and finally give it a watch with their girlfriends.

3. Mean Girls

Honestly Mean Girls is a stupid-funny movie, but it criticizes some of the deepest downfalls in society and is relatable and entertaining with a not-so-typical “good girl gone bad” story line. This movie catches and exaggerates the most prominent issues of high school, and it stars Lindsay Lohan before she really messed herself up. Not to mention Tina Fey also stars and wrote the movie.

It’s a good, light-hearted movie that is easy to watch alone, with your friends, or with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

4.The Interview

Everyone who has ever turned on their television, been on the internet, spoken to other humans, or scrolled aimlessly through their Twitter feed is familiar with The Interview. The movie that caused serious aggression with North Korea is one of the dumbest movies I’ve ever seen, but it’s honestly hilarious and I cried laughing so hard.

James Franco and Seth Rogen are up to their typical, pointless antics, but it really pays off for an overall entertaining movie with non-stop, uncomfortable action.

5. Clueless

Have you seen Iggy Azalea’s video for her horrendously popular song Fancy? Then you’ve seen a small parody of one of my favorite movies, Clueless. Clueless is another high school story of a girl, who happens to be popular, rich, and manipulative in just the right way.

Main character, Cher, struggles through the endless things that seem to majorly torture high school students in a light-hearted and overall upbeat manner. Clueless is a fun and laid back movie that’s perfect to watch alone or with some of your girl friends.

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