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“Little Boy” provides viewers with an average theme
“Little Boy” is now playing in theaters (Courtesy of

The new hit movie “Little Boy” is a cute, heartwarming movie that is good for couples looking for a quick movie. The cast was all right, the themes were average, and the plot line had many holes in it.

Jakob Salvati, who plays Pepper Busbee, does a pretty good job of acting like an adorable little boy. (Hence the title) He makes the audience really feel happy when he is happy and feel sad when he cries. Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Hashimoto, did a good job as well in his supporting role.

The themes of the movie were to believe in yourself and anything is possible, willpower is a strong thing, and never giving up. These are fairly common themes seen in many motivational movies.

The plot itself was about a little boy, Pepper Busbee, whose father got sent to war. The movie is based around Pepper trying to bring his father home.

Pepper was given a list of things to do that would help bring his father back home. Throughout the entire movie, Pepper, with the help of his new friend Hashimoto, is attempting to complete this list.

The movie also discusses faith and how it can affect what people believe. Pepper can move things in the movie because of his strong faith. He moves things such as cans and he later moves a mountain.

That last part is not a joke.

This ‘moving things around’ is very unrealistic and cute, but inaccurate. That is not the only inaccuracy within the movie.

The movie tells a motivational tale of a Japanese samurai fighting a Mongol warrior, but the Mongol advance on Japan failed because of the raging sea, therefore, this tale is not even possible and a historical inaccuracy.

The other thing that was incorrect is the bombing of Hiroshima. They say that the little boy, Pepper, was the reason for the bomb, when it was really the scientists and the atom bomb. They only talk about Little Boy the bomb because it is symbolic, but what of Fat Man? (The second bomb).

In the end, I give the movie 2 stars.

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