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TV Blog: Enjoy a unique cloning story called “Orphan Black”
Enjoy the mystery of cloning in “Orphan Black” (Courtesy of

The hit TV show “Orphan Black” is a drama created by Graeme Manson and John Fawcett, and starring Tatiana Maslany.

The show airs on BBC, yet is filmed and takes place in Toronto, Canada.

“Orphan Black” focuses on the morality of human cloning. This theme is introduced when the protagonist Sarah Manning  takes on the identity of a woman she saw commit suicide who looks identical to her.

Sarah later finds out the woman is Beth Childs , a police officer, and realizes she is in over her head. Sarah then finds out a truth that will shock her even more: she and Beth are part of a large group of clones.

While impersonating Beth, Sarah meets other clones: Alison Hendrix, a suburban housewife and mother to two adopted children; Cosima Niehaus, a brilliant scientist; and Helena, a deeply troubled religious fanatic raised in a Ukraine convent.

The show’s star, Tatiana Maslany, plays all four of the main clones, as well as Beth, and any other clone introduced throughout its three seasons.

While the clones are the main plot point, there are other important characters. Felix is Sarah’s foster brother and uncle to her daughter Kira, who is being looked after by Mrs. S, Sarah’s foster mother. Donnie is Alison’s husband and high school sweetheart, and Delphine is another scientist who transfers to Cosima’s university and soon becomes her love interest.

Sarah also becomes acquainted with several people while pretending to be Beth, such as Art, Beth’s partner, and Paul, Beth’s boyfriend.

This show has a unique plot, a wide variety of complex characters, and strong acting from the cast, especially Maslany. Summer is approaching and most shows are going off the air, so now is the time to start watching “Orphan Black.”

Enjoy the mystery of cloning in "Orphan Black" (Courtesy of
Enjoy the mystery of cloning in “Orphan Black” (Courtesy of

“Orphan Black” started its third season on April 18.

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