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Half A World Away

Senior Sofia Premoli enjoying her time in America.

A mix of emotions flood through her.

Anxious, excited, scared.

Traveling to a foreign country is not something new to senior Sofia Premoli, but being alone is.

“I wanted to see something different, to see how life is away from Italy,” said Premoli.

Since school in Italy is so different from school in America, Premoli was excited to take classes that actually interested her.

But she still had questions.

Would her host family like her?

Would she make friends?

Would she understand English all the time?

Although Premoli has difficulties with English, she still enjoys going to school at Huntley.

“I like how people are more involved with school spirit and how there are so many things to do,” said Premoli.

She loves how many new things she has been introduced to.

Friday night football games.

Apple cider donuts.

Baking club.

And what she is most excited about, the Homecoming dance.

But being so far away from home gets lonely and from time to time homesickness captures her, but when this happens Premoli reminds herself that this is the opportunity of a lifetime and it is not forever.

The flight attendant’s voice comes over the announcement system letting the passengers know that they can now exit the plane.

She grabs her purse, takes a deep breath, and stands up.

Her moment has finally arrived.

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