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Student Council Monthly Update: Nov.

Student Councils new logo. (Courtesy to HHS Student Council.)
Student Council’s new logo. (Courtesy to HHS Student Council.)

Interview with Ashley Kubisztal, STUCO President

  1. Are there any important events going on this month?

“This is a pretty slow time of the year for us. We have the blood drive on Nov. 5.”


  1. How does the blood drive work?

“We have LifeSource come in and they really do all the work. Students sign up, they then have to take a questionnaire to determine if they can give blood, then they actually go through the process of donation.”


  1. Have you always partnered with LifeSource?

“In 2012 we partnered with another company that I am not sure the name of. We decided to switch to LifeSource in 2013 because they offered more comfortable services.”


  1. What does Student Council have to do for the blood drive?

“Student Council’s main priority for the blood drive is to advertise it. We want to get as many volunteers as possible to help donate.”


  1. I know some members of Student Council went to a leadership convention, and so what was that about?

“Every year Fox Valley Conference schools send sophomores and juniors to a leadership conference. Students learn basic fundamental skills associated with being a good leader.”


  1. Are there any upcoming field trips?

“We will be attending the North Central District winter retreat in Dec. This is an exclusive field trip for Student Council members to go meet other members from other schools.”


  1. What does a student do if they want to join Student Council?

“Students who would like to join Student Council during a time period between the beginning of the semesters should email Mrs. Davison to get more information.”


Our meetings are at 7am on Thursday mornings in room C2030. If you are interested in joining, please talk to myself or Mrs. Davison!




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