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Ready to raid the hills

Parents and students gathered in the cafeteria for information about SnowRaiders.

Holding the mic closer, junior Claudia Kosiak projected her voice to the boys, girls, and parents sitting before her, all eager to learn the details about what it takes to become a SnowRaider.

On Wednesday, November 18, Huntley High School’s snowboarding and ski club held an informational meeting in the commons for both members and their parents, telling them how they can join and pay for the club.

The presentation included details about passes, proper equipment, safety, costs, dates, and of course, how much fun it is to go out and enjoy the cold weather. Members of the SnowRaiders committee, including Ksiazek, each took turns taking the floor and discussing the topics for the night.

The members not only provided important information about the club, but shared their experiences and why they loved being able to go out and do something as cool as snowboarding.

“It’s a lot of fun, I don’t always get time with my family,” said Ksiazek.

Even the long bus rides to and from trips prove to be worthwhile, and make being a part of the club that much more special.

“I wanted to try something new,” said senior Catherine Luecht. “I knew nothing about snowboarding, but they helped. Sitting with people on the bus and getting to know them, you become buddies.”

Along with former members of the club, guest speakers and representatives from Raging Buffalo and Alpine Accessories were also present; they shared more places for snowboarding and how to make sure members get the equipment that is right for them.

To make the evening a little more exciting, people who attended had a chance to enter in raffles for coupons, shirts, and other snowboarding/ski-related prizes.

As the night wrapped up, parents finished signing forms and making payments, while the eager new members got a chance to walk around and ask questions, to get more information about preparing for their first trip on December 3.

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