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Young Artist Proves his Success

Young Artist Proves his Success

Picking up his pencil, senior Noe Martinez begins to draw the first idea that pops into his head. He has a steady hand as he traces straight lines onto the blank, white sheet of paper.

“I actually don’t know what got me picking up a pencil and start drawing,” Martinez said. “If I had to pick from the earliest memory it would be street art.”

Martinez spends his free time skateboarding, which is one of the main ideas that inspires him to draw.

“Skateboarding and music definitely [help],” Martinez said. “Just the culture and lifestyle of it gave me most of my ideas.”

Drawing is a passion for the young artist. His art is out of the ordinary and not the usual piece of work one would see. However, his work catches the eye of the viewer.

An out of the ordinary drawing by Noe Martinez (courtesy of Martinez)
A unique drawing by Noe Martinez. (courtesy of Martinez)

“My favorite thing to draw is these really ugly people I’ve been drawing for the past year or two, and it’s becoming a habit,” Martinez said.

He features most of his drawings on his social media, where his followers can admire his work.

Martinez likes to draw for fun, as of right now he is not sure if this is a career for him. He enjoys to show off his art to his friends and see how he grows with each stroke of the pencil.

“I think his work is very unique and unexpected,” Ashley Zagorski said. “He has his own specific style that’s recognizable but keeps it original.”

Anybody can draw something simple, but it takes true passion to create something amazing. Art takes a drive in oneself and a desire to achieve high success.

“Just have your own style even if it’s s**** art, it’s a way to express yourself,” Martinez said. “If you love your art then keep at it.”

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