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Board of education meeting honors District 158 staff and retirees

Board of education meeting honors District 158 staff and retirees

On Thursday, May 4, a Huntley District 158 Board of Education meeting took place: honoring hard-working staff members, addressing heavy traffic at Marlowe Middle School, and highlighting implementations taking place for the 2017-2018 school year. The meeting was regarded as a Committee of the Whole meeting, rather than a regular meeting.

To commence the meeting, a brief discussion was brought up about the issue of traffic during pickup and drop-off. The idea of a turn lane is being considered as a way to help alleviate the heavy traffic.

“As a parent with a kid at Marlowe, a turn lane would definitely be helpful,” Secretary Paul Troy said.

Also discussed, the board questioned whether speed humps or speed bumps were more effective in monitoring the middle school’s traffic.

The board then welcomed Principal Anna Hoyou of Mackeben Elementary, who presented a group of Mackeben 2nd-graders. The children introduced themselves as superheroes, then proceeded to lead the Pledge of Allegiance.

Following the pledge, the meeting moved on to the highlight of the evening: honoring the outstanding staff members and retirees of the district.

The board recognized staff members with 10 to 30 years of service. The members with a 10-year status received certificates, and members with a 20-, 25-, and 30-year status received gifts in addition to certificates. HHS staff members such as Cynthia Schneider, Cindy Fuhrer, and Tanya Thomas were recognized.

As well as the district staff members, staff members who had plans to retire were honored. These members were said to have been so dedicated to their job, and contributed a lot to the district and the schools they worked at.

One of the retirees, a current Heineman Middle School physical education and health teacher, had worked three different positions at different times for more than 35 years. The teacher, Eric Mychko, loved teaching gym to the students at Marlowe.

“These kids kept me young and kept me educated on what’s current, especially in the dance unit,” Mychko said, laughing.

Also addressed at the meeting, 2017-2018 Student Handbooks for the district-wide schools are looking to be approved, implementation of new HHS courses and certain World Language courses for the next school year are seeking authorization, and next year’s overnight field trips were proposed and shared. Construction of the HHS additions and renovations project was also reported on.

The next regular board of education meeting will be on Thursday, May 18.

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