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Humans of Huntley | Madison Overly

(Photo courtesy of M. Overly.)

This is junior Madison Overly.

She was born in Washington State. She also made a life in Arizona, in Michigan for four years up until first grade, and finally, in Huntley, Illinois.

Her entire being as a vivacious soul and an avid jokester was not spoiled by her several moves in her younger years. She knows how to make people comfortable by simply being herself and welcoming to anyone around her, and because of this it is easier for her to make friends.

Her favorite color is yellow because it is “bright and happy,” and it is no surprise why due to her personality.

Overly is so energetic that she might as well be best friends with her dog Piper, especially since she states Piper is her only favorite animal.

As an extrovert, she likes to channel much of her energy into running. Overly is in cross country and track, and while many people despise running, she has no idea why she does it herself…she claims it is a natural inclination. She also enjoys art such as drawing or painting, and to sing and play the piano.

But despite those many interests, Overly plans to pursue English in college and teaching in secondary education because she always has had a constant love for English and reading.

She claims that she is a nerd, which would not be a first assumption when people first see her. She loves to learn, so she understands the idea of school. It is not something she always likes because “sometimes I just want to cry,” but when learning is made fun she is guaranteed to love it.

In addition to telling me a little bit about herself, Overly chose a question she felt she could best answer based on what is going on in her life right now: what traffic sign best reflects your life right now? Watch the video above to see her response.

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