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Humans of Huntley | Bradley Walz

Walz all dressed up for homecoming. (Photo courtesy of B. Walz.)

This is junior Bradley Walz.

His friends know him as a someone to look up to: very generous, putting others before himself, really smart, and exceptionally funny. Although he believes his friends give him more credit for his smarts and his humor than he thinks they should, he can wholeheartedly agree that he has a selfless quality that is not found in many people. He is glad that he has this innate quality to put others’ needs before his own, especially because many people – his family and friends – have always been there for him.

However, one quality Walz wish he did not possess is how he overthinks, overreacts, and stresses over small things that do not necessarily matter in the long run.

He does not let that shut him down, though. He knows his passions and will pursue them regardless; Walz wants to major in mechanical engineering and minor in astronomy, hoping to do so at Iowa State University.

Walz says he loves space and is very interested in the topic. Moreover, he loves learning about computers: the hardware, the construction process, and how everything functions. He recounted that, more than a year ago, he saved a lot of money to buy his own PC to build it all by hand. He calls it his baby because he put so much time and effort into making it exactly what he wanted. Walz uses it for several reasons: playing video games, watching YouTube, and doing homework or work-related tasks.

His passions extend beyond space and computers, though. Walz has been a part of Huntley High School’s marching band since his freshman year, accompanied by the flute. He is the section leader for the second time, and he loves every bit of being a part of band.

And whether it be through playing music or listening to his favorite band, Mumford & Sons, he always appreciates music with a little meaning. Walz relates to a lot of music from this pop / rock band, and he claims their more unpopular songs he listens to are more in-depth and relatable.

Walz believes he is a nice person to get to know; once you get to know him, he more outwardly expresses his craziness…the good kind of crazy.

In addition to telling me a little bit about himself, Walz chose and answered a question he was excited to talk about – one that made him a little nostalgic: Describe one summer adventure from your childhood.

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