Huntley volleyball wins speedy match against Hampshire


By Veronica Castillo

Running into the gym with music blaring and the crowd cheering, the varsity girls volleyball team prepared for what would be a quick two set match against Hampshire. 

Continuing their undefeated streak, the girls managed to beat Hampshire within 37 minutes with a score of 25-10 in the first set and 25-8 in the second. With incredible chemistry and strong teamwork, the girls played one of their fastest games thus far. 

Huntley started strong by winning the first point and stayed strong throughout the first set. With high spirits among the crowd, new players showed their skills and determination to succeed. 

During the second set, Hampshire appeared to make a lead in the beginning, bringing the game to 1-3. However, Huntley quickly came back as the teams went neck and neck up until Huntley scored their sixth point bringing the score to 6-5.

Towards the end of the second set, team captain and setter Taylor Jakubowski served four times in a row with an ace on her third before leaving the score at 24-8 with Hampshire making an additional point at the end.

The game finished with a quick point for Huntley, ending the game at 25-8 and sending the families in the crowd wild. 

The girls came with a united mindset, and their determination was truly reflected in their playing. Jakubowski commented on her teams playing and how she feels with her last year on the team.

“I’m really happy. We played as a team, we had a lot of chemistry and we talked a lot. It’s crazy how fast time has gone and how the team has changed,” Jakubowski said.

Varsity head coach Karen Naymola talked about the team’s cooperation throughout the game.

“They came out [with] focus, and this is probably one of the closest teams I’ve coached, on and off the court. I’ve always told them I think the best teams are the ones who can achieve this cohesiveness,” Naymola said.

As the year progresses on, coach Naymola speaks about the team’s future and what the girls will be expecting.

 “We still have so many games ahead of us where we’ll see some of the top ranked teams so we’ll play a really heavy schedule. Our goal is to keep getting better and get ready for the postseason,” Naymola said.