September Board of Education meeting: Incubator recognized


A. Reilly

By Ashley Reilly

The Sept. 19 Board of Education meeting was concise yet productive. The meeting started with seniors Brandon Ary, Kyle Abruzzo, Brady Iaccino, Samuel Spencer, Elizabeth Kim, and Lillian Williams speaking about the Incubator pilot program in which they are partaking. 

All students explained the businesses which they have each created, discussed the opportunities they have had to collaborate with local business leaders, and listed the goals they have for the remainder of the year. “I am quite impressed with what [they] are doing, and with [their] succession in this pioneer program,” board president Michael Fleck said. 

Following this presentation of the Incubator program, the board returned back to business as usual, discussing new government policy change and more. 

As discussed during the Sept. 5 Committee of the Whole meeting, the proposition of a three-year renewal of the WeVideo application discussed in this article was approved. 

Along with this approval, Doug Renkosik’s appeal for professional consulting services of Kimley-Horn and Associates Incorporated was approved. This company will be used in regards to the planned asphalt replacement and traffic reengineering at the Conley and Mackeben parking lots. 

Superintendent Scott Rowe discussed the newly-passed Bill 456. The bill states that any employee charged with sexual harassment or assault must have their license revoked despite any previous contractual means. 

This bill will also require the school board to review their sexual abuse policy every 2 years and for employees to be fingerprinted every 5 years. Fingerprinting will cost the district up to $20,000.