The superstars among us: Jared Bussone reveals his unique character to HHS

By Kayla Sweeney

Being a student at Huntley High School is fun. However, because there is such a large staff and amount of students who attend the school, it is hard to get to know new teachers. 

Jared Bussone has been teaching at HHS for two years and is going onto his third. He went to Peoria Woodruff High School and graduated from Western Illinois University. He teaches Traditional and Blended Chemistry.

“I get to work with the most creative people on earth, and it is not just my coworkers,” Bussone said.

His ultimate goal as an educator would be to become an athletic director. For now, he enjoys coaching football and teaching Chemistry. 

Bussone coaches the Freshmen A and B football team at Huntley High school. He also coaches JV Softball. When Bussone is not teaching, he enjoys walking around downtown Chicago and shopping.

He lives two blocks from Lake Michigan, so his commute to Huntley High School is difficult. To get to school, he leaves at 5:30 a.m. and the trip there is about an hour. However, to go home, it takes him an hour and a half due to traffic. He scooters on a razor scooter from his apartment to his parking garage where his car is located. He then scooters back to his apartment after working and coaching everyday.

A fun fact about Bussone is he has over 30 tattoos. His favorite tattoos are the bird on his forearm which is a folk bird. The significance of this bird is that the artist who has done all of his tattoos created this design and is known for this bird. Each bird is a different design and has its own color story. 

Another one of his favorite tattoos is a torch flame design with the initials “YNWA” which stands for “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” a motto of Liverpool Football Club, his favorite soccer team. He intends on getting his knees, ankles, and both arms completely covered in tattoos. 

His favorite drink is diet Dr. Pepper. It has to be diet. He drinks at least one a day. According to Bussone, it’s like his coffee.

He has been to Poland three times for fun. He spent his last Christmas there. He plans to go back in August or Christmas time in 2020. 

Overall, Bussone is an excellent teacher who goes above and beyond for his students and athletes. He is a very creative person, from his tattoos, to how he gets to work. Bussone is a hardworking teacher with a bright future here at HHS.