Holiday fashion with Rayne Zilch


By Rayne Zilch

Going to Spirit Halloween and trying to pick one costume that will look great is the most challenging part of Halloween. It takes a lot of time trying to decide what outfit will be best for that year. That is why recent movies and videos mainly help everyone decide what they are wanting to be. 

Clothing styles are really branching out this year. E-boys, E-girls, Tik Tokers, and VSCO girls are a part of the main trend.

Last year most girls went as devils and angels and most guys went as something from the purge or Fortnite. What will be the main attraction this year? 

VSCO is the most popular imitation of 2019. So far this year, a lot of guys are finding the fun in being a VSCO girl for school events. Although it isn’t the scariest, it gives the most amusement to a lot of people. So will that be the most popular costume this year?

 According to a recent survey, 26 out of 50 students are wanting to be VSCO girls. The majority of that number though is guys. Maybe they just really enjoy getting all dressed up in short shorts and oversized t-shirts. Or just getting in touch with their feminine side without judgement.

Girls are going more off of the E-girl trend, wearing all black and painting black little hearts on faces can make some cool pictures. But hopefully more people find something fun and scary to scare those VSCO and E-girls away, such as being Pennywise from the new IT movie. Since that movie and character is the newest scary character, that costume would be the most exciting. Just don’t go and scare all the little kids trying to get candy.