Stand up for national bullying prevention month

By Sarah Reilly

October has been National Bullying Prevention month since 2010. The idea was brought up and first celebrated in 2006 by Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention Center. Over the course of those four years, Pacer was working to promote Bullying Prevention Month in schools across America. 

The purpose of National Bullying Prevention Month is to educate people and students on how bullying harms others. “Historically, bullying had been viewed as “a childhood rite of passage” that “made kids tougher,” Pacer said. They are working to push this idea out of people’s heads to show them that bullying hurts kids and does not help them grow.

According to Pacer, bullying can leave victims with major long-term effects like anxiety, loss of self-esteem, and depression. Sometimes kids don’t have access to adults that can help, while at Huntley High School we have tip lines to call, deans, and counselors that care.

Our big thing is restorative practices. And restorative practice is where we kind of guide students through the process so that you understand,  you learn more about empathy,” Ohlinger said. The deans take the time to talk with both the victim and the bully so everyone learns. Both sides can help solve the problem.

“This is how you made me feel, and the other person has the chance to see the pain. That’s a very powerful thing,” Ohlinger said. Only the victim of bullying can tell the bully how the feel and the effects of their actions. Without this interaction than nobody has a chance to learn.

“Only you can stop bullying. Trust your own voice and speak up,” Ohlinger said.

We are the only ones who can stop the bullying. Bullies don’t attack when parents and adults are around. They attack when we are around. We are the ones to see it. We are the ones who can stop it. In honor of National Bullying Prevention month Pacer encourages everyone to stand up and stop bullying.

We see it all over the media and in the halls. So don’t let it go on, be the one to stop it. Be a hero to a victim of bullying.