Should students have homework over holiday break


By Kenzie Weinburg

Thanksgiving day is all about tradition. It’s a day dedicated to cooking the turkey, stuffing, and the family recipes you revisit every year. Above all, it’s a day to surround yourself with people you love, and reflect on what you’re thankful for. Maybe you find yourself waking up at 4 a.m to go Black Friday shopping and prepare for the next holiday. 

Some are lucky enough to enjoy the much needed break, and others are completing the homework assignments that fill their student planner. 

Students throughout the district have been given what’s considered a break that lasts a week long. The first two days of a students break is when parents and staff come together and have parent teacher conferences to discuss each student and their needs in the classroom. The third day is considered a non-attendance day, when schools and offices are closed, and once you reach the fourth and fifth day, you are officially experiencing Thanksgiving holiday break. 

Although it is considered a break, some would disagree. 

“The definition of a break is to stop doing something for a while, and I think that should include homework. Every day in school we have homework, and a break should give us time to relax and focus on things outside of school,” senior Kalena Urbanczyk said.

However, some see this as a chance to get ahead.

“It can lessen our load of homework or other work that is given close to finals. By getting homework over break it can help resolves stress when it’s time to do finals packets, busy work, or studying. It keeps you accountable for your actions,” senior Matt Burba said.

With being given a break, students and staff can take advantage of the time that’s given to them. Take the pencils, textbooks, and worksheets, put them to the side, and make memories that will last a lifetime.