Boys Bowling falls short of Marengo

By Alex O'Connell

High energy filled Bowl-Hi Lanes on Wednesday night as Michael DeBello approached the bowling lane. With a ball in hand, DeBello started the night off right with a strong release that resulted in a crisp, clean strike.

The Huntley vs. Marengo boys bowling meet was a back-and-forth battle until its close. Huntley fell short 138 pins with the score ending 2,823 to Marengo’s 2,961. Despite the loss, captain Joe Kern still remains optimistic.

“The team did, overall, pretty good. We got a lot of strikes, but to improve, we all need to work on our spares and actually covering them up,” Kern said.

Countless strikes and impressive maneuvers by bowlers Hayes Porsche and captain Jerik Alcasid contributed to the team’s competitive score. The effort of the team as a whole was commended by coach Andrew Weigand.

“Overall, I think the tenacity of the team went well… They kept fighting and didn’t quit,” Weigand said. “Ultimately, we just had one-too-many missed opportunities and left a lot of pins up there.”

The team, unified and determined, is ready to take aim at a win on Saturday, Dec. 7, when they compete against a multitude of other teams at the Glendale Heights invite.

“I feel confident with the guys who I’ve got. I trust that they’re gonna go out there and do their jobs… They trust each other, and ultimately, that’s the biggest thing,” Weigand said.

Despite low attendance from HHS students, the team never fails to represent Huntley as they travel from school-to-school giving their all when everything is on the line.

“It’s not what it looks like on TV,” Weigand said. “It’s more engaging and entertaining than you actually think. There’s quite a number of people who come out – there’s a lot of cheering, a lot of chanting. Overall, it’s just a good time.”

Like all Huntley sports, bowling thrives on the support of the school. Be sure to come out and cheer on Huntley High School as they compete in fast-paced and enticing bowling.