Santa’s Fireside Feast goes off without a hitch at Marlowe Middle School

By Brooke Hamann

White stranded lights dangle from the ceilings, their sparkle, lighting up the room. The smell of chicken and potatoes fills the noses of those who wait. 

Children galore, wait in anticipation for the all beloved Santa to walk through the double-doors. Santa’s little helpers, assist those who arrive in harmony, all the while, a sweet, rhythmic jazz floats throughout the room. 

On Dec. 6, Marlowe Middle School hosted its annual Santa Fireside Feast from 6 to 8 p.m., any and all were invited inside the school after hours to enjoy the wide array of activities: music, a complimentary dinner, and a visit from Santa himself. 

Walking along the pathway to Marlowe’s entrance, the cold chill swept through the light-layered jackets, followed by the warm rush of heat and the peaceful glow of lights that awaited the attendees. 

Upon their arrival, families were kindly greeted and showed to their tables. Glimpses of raffle baskets lined the main hallway, pending their lucky winner. 

With the comforting swing of Christmas jazz, played by Marlowe’s very own junior band, people began taking their seats. 

The tables, aligned in a dinner-like manner, allowed for an evening of relaxation and fun for all ages. 

Dispersed throughout the room, elves with the most cheerful of intentions, waited upon families to provide only the best of service for a happy-go-lucky evening. 

“This is a family tradition for me and my kids. Usually we go to the Santa Breakfast but we wanted to give this event a try. Honestly, better than a date night,” mother-of-three, Maria Kanakaris said.

The amicable sound of Christmas delight lingered within the space as families began their feasting. 

All was peaceful until, the squeal of a young elf announced the arrival of jolly Ole’ Nick. 

The eyes of all the small children widened in wonderment with a hint of sparkle; almost as if the glasses of a certain persona were reflective upon the eyes of all who believed.

Then, the view became clear. Santa had finally arrived. 

Dozens of kids ran to his side crowding his red suit, knitted with cheer. Parents followed with relentless calls, soon realizing they were no use to the daze.

The flashes of cameras filled the room as smiles became contagious. 

After approving the new Christmas card picture, parents and children  returned to their seats to finish their scrumptious food. 

Overall, the fireside feast was a huge success and allows for a night-away to enjoy Christmas for all it is. Fun for all ages, excellent food, and exceptional entertainment brought both showings of the feast to a total sell-out.

Remember this event next year for the family if you’re looking for a cheerful start to the chilly season.