“Jumanji: The Next Chapter” Movie Review

By Riley Murphy

On Dec. 13, producer and filmmaker Jake Kasdan released “Jumanji: The Next Chapter,” to theaters nationwide. Following the popular prequel, “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle,” “Jumanji: The Next Chapter” provides a great continuation of the Jumanji journey. 

The movie opens up with a somber scene of character Spencer, played by Alex Wolff, struggling through college at New York University long after he and his friends went their separate ways and continued on with their lives. 

However, while his friends are thriving and enjoying their new experiences, Spencer is left wondering who he truly is and wishing he was back with Martha, played by actress Karen Gillan. His true feelings are shown through scenes of him scrolling through Martha’s social media accounts which shows a strikingly real image of how teens often deal with their breakups. 

Spencer then decides that it would be a bright idea to go back into the video game “Jumanji” which he took after he and his friends supposedly destroyed it in the first movie. His friends then discover that he went back into the game and therefore go in themselves in order to save him. 

While the movie overall was pretty good, my number one issue with the plot was the fact that it was based on a fairly dumb idea. Spencer had been in “Jumanji” before and knew how dangerous it was and yet he decided to subject himself to that again in order to make himself feel better. 

The movie follows the simple plot of an adventure in a strange land so that’s not necessarily the most impressive part about this movie, but it’s the acting. 

Actors Dwanye Johnson and Kevin Hart are what truly made this movie a laugh out loud, near perfect sequel. What I truly think contributes to their chemistry on screen, is the close friendship they have behind the scenes. 

On both Johnson’s and Hart’s social media accounts, there are multiple posts from them on the scenes of the movie to them just hanging out at the gym. When casting for a movie, the most important thing to consider is how the actors themselves will connect with each other. This, combined with the classic hero adventure plot, truly made “Jumanji: The Next Chapter” an enjoyable watch. 

“Jumanji: The Next Chapter” gives us another addition to the “Jumanji” journey and provides laughs for the whole audience.