Holiday Fashion: January edition

By Rayne Zilch

Illinois is a great state, isn’t it? There is hardly any snow in December, which means no white Christmas. But that’s not the end of it. Once everyone gets out of the holiday spirit and is ready for warmth, BOOM, winter is now here. And it’s not a pretty little snowfall here and there that creates enough powder to go sledding or anything, it’s heavy blizzards with snow that melts the next day and turns brown and mucky so no one has time to enjoy it. It also comes with freezing weather that isn’t even bearable to do anything in. 

This is supposed to be a fashion article but there really isn’t anything fashionable going on since there is no big holiday and not a comfortable season throughout this area. But let’s just take a moment to admire the girls that still have the ability of managing to wear a skirt to school. It is amazing how they can tolerate that all day, especially the girls that have to take the bus. Walking outside, there and back, and then sitting on the cold seats. They really are going the extra mile to try and look cute. 

But the boys are with this too. There have been numerous males walking around in shorts high above their knee and there has been an over-hearing of conversations that are trying to figure out what was going through their minds when they decided to dress themselves that morning. 

There is a little bit of an understanding though, because, in Illinois, the winter season is the longest season and it takes up most of the school year. Only the very beginning and end of the school year is it tolerable to wear something that is not long sleeved or layered. Students want to wear cute clothing and there is not a lot of options when sweatshirts and coats are preferable, so they have to take the suffering of the weather in order to look appealing. 

Instead of wearing clothing that is going to show large amounts of skin that could freeze off, why not wear something comfortable. For instance, those shirpas every girl is now wearing, super cute. Well at least some of them. But those can be cute plus warm enough. Just an idea. 

Something else that is great, Letterman jackets seem to be coming back. Recently,  boys have been just wearing some sport spirit sweatshirt that anyone can get instead of wearing something that only the team has. So, come on, let’s really try and bring them back!