In The Spotlight: Quarantine Edition


Courtesy of Lionsgate

By Sara Hursey

Now that we are weeks into quarantine, it might feel like you have watched everything on Netflix twice and have gone through Disney+ a few more times than you care to admit. You might have even considered subscribing to even more entertainment services because there is so little to do.

Luckily, the world of movie musicals is waiting for you. Movie musicals are great escapes from the everyday, and you still get to sit in your pajamas in the comfort of your own home. Without further ado, here are my top five favorite, recent movie musicals you can watch in quarantine right now.

5) “Mary Poppins Returns”

Released in theaters in 2018, this movie is an imaginative sequel to the original “Mary Poppins” starring legend Julie Andrews. In this updated story, Emily Blunt’s stylish Mary Poppins and lamplighter Jack, played by Lin-Manuel Miranda, take viewers on a magical trip through London with Micheal Bank’s children.

The musical sequences are so fun to watch, and costumes and sets are beautiful. This movie would be a great watch with younger siblings, but there is something in this movie that can bring out the child in anyone. Along with nostalgic, catchy numbers, the importance of family and the magic of childhood shine throughout this movie, making it a wonderful watch.

4) “The Greatest Showman”

Starring Hugh Jackman, this 2017 hit movie tells the fictionalized story of P.T. Barnum and his circus. “This Is Me” is a show stopping song of empowerment, but each number is energetic and moving. This movie will make you laugh, cry, and cheer.

This is another movie that would make a great family watch, as there is something for everyone. Filled with inspiring anthems and a diverse cast, this movie is sure to find a way to make you smile.

3) “Newsies” (high quality Broadway pro shot)

Differing from the other movies, this is a filmed stage production of a Tony-winning Broadway musical. I have covered “Newsies” in depth in my November article, but here is what you need to know: “Newsies” is full of high energy dance numbers that tell the story of Jack Kelly and the newsboy strike in 1899.

The choreography is award winning and it will make you want to dance. This musical is such a fun watch, and is sure to make your quarantine a little brighter.

2) “La La Land”

This original movie musical released in 2016 stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling as aspiring entertainers in Los Angeles. The award winning cinematography captures the romantic story in a unique and intriguing way. The movie is colorful but maintains a classic feel.

The music is jazzy and nostalgic. “La La Land” captures colorful Hollywood in a realistic lens. Overall, this movie is entertaining and beautifully shot, making it a top tier movie musical.

1) “Hairspray”

Colorful and bright, this screen adaption of Tony-winning musical “Hairspray” is so entertaining, you might have to watch it twice. I have seen this movie countless times, and I can’t get sick of it. “Hairspray” tells the story of a plus-size teen, Tracy Turnblad, as she sets out to integrate her local teen television program.

This movie is inspiring, fun, and has great messages. The songs are so catchy and well written. “Hairspray” will make you want to sing and dance along with Tracy and her friends as they learn what it means to stand up for what you believe in.

With these suggestions, quarantine can be a lot brighter. Put one of these movies on, and watch your stress melt away. For the upcoming weeks, musicals can be a great source of entertainment and relaxation for you and your family. If you find a show you can connect with and enjoy, staying home can be filled with music and life.