Read This Article Because Your Horoscope Told You To: Gemini

Courtesy of Vector Stock

Courtesy of Vector Stock

By Rayne Zilch

First up: Gemini

Zodiac signs can be very interesting to people who believe that some aspects of one’s personality come from the month and day of birth. 

To be more specific, the idea that Geminis have a split personality or some sort of alter ego come from Castor and Pollux from Greek and Roman mythology. The constellation, a cluster of stars, of Gemini was determined from these twins. So basically, anyone born from May 20-June 20 is two-faced.

The traits of a Gemini are like no other. Just the fact that a new day changes them and their mood entirely keeps them interesting. 

Each zodiac sign has a different representation, including an element, color, and planet. Their element is air. Air is the meaning of life to a Gemini because it symbolizes the opportunity to breathe and think.

Geminis love to fill their hands with art and jewelry, such as their birthstone, the pearl. This is also associated with their love for unique fashion. It helps make them become noticed by other people. 

Mercury is known as the god for traveling and that is why it symbolizes a Gemini. They want to always be gathering knowledge and learn about different parts of the world. They want to take advantage of what the world has to offer them. 

Their zodiac color is yellow, which is associated with sunlight. The sun brings a new season or a new day which allows the Gemini to be a different person than on the previous day. 

Whenever there is an encounter with a Gemini, watch your back and wait for more days to learn who they truly are.