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Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

By Gretchen Sweeney, Floating Editor

As winter comes upon us, seasonal depression seems to follow it. Although, this is not the case for everyone. Salvia Palth’s 2013 album Melanchole feels exactly as the title states, it brings you to a feeling of melancholic, it is seasonal depression in an album. A solemn sound with lyrics speaking on loneliness. It is hard to categorize this album into one genre but it could be under alternative or indie.     

“I Was All Over Her” is a personal favorite. The sensation from the song feels comforting yet leaves you in great solitude. He sings about finding strangers more comforting to his loneliness than anyone else. A slow and riverbed sound pulls the song together, creating a sobfest to say the absolute least.

  “Girl” describes the moments of wanting someone desperately, but not being able to bring yourself to tell them. Once again, somber, slow, lo-fi beats play throughout the song. 

“Like You Know I Got Old” is a song that features Ike Zwanikken’s drumming in the first minute of the song. The lyrics speak out about missing someone, but you have gotten old and it is too late. The instrumental of the song and most of the album is what makes it what it is. The humming at 2:55-3:33 that turns into drums with a mix of the hum, brings a personal sensation to the song that leaves you breathless.

“Post Traumatic All-Night-Long” is the sensation of isolation caused by trauma. “It’s nobody’s party. post-traumatic all-night-long, til we can’t sleep.” The lyrics give the notion that, no one is the main attraction, we all have our own problems. We do what we have to do to oversee our problems and function, often causing the feeling of loneliness. 

Salvia Palth is a band from New Zealand, consisting of 2 people, Ike Zwanikken who plays the drums for some of the songs, and Daniel Johann, the singer/songwriter. Daniel Johann made most of the album in his room at age 15. They released this album, then Salvia Palth disappeared. Daniel Johann came back as Adore,1996 a year later, and has been making music since.