Read This Article Because Your Horoscope Told You To: Sagittarius

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By Rayne Zilch

The zodiac sign for people born between Nov. 22 and Dec. 21 is Sagittarius. 

This name comes from the god, Nergal, in ancient Babylonia. Nergal is shown as a centaur-like creature who fires an arrow from a bow. He is also illustrated as having wings and two heads.

These people have been compiled to be the happiest and to have the most trust in the universe.

This is why they are represented by the color blue. Blue is a representative color for the Earth which is what Sagittariuses want to explore most. They crave freedom and excitement from the natural environment and they prefer to be outdoors.

There is only one weakness that comes with being a Sagittarius. They promise way more than they can handle because they never want to let anyone down, and they believe that they can conquer anything.

There is no care for money because they find their own wealth in the gift of travel, and they are ambitious and eager for new opportunities. Their “souls” rely on the universe for their benefits in life.

Even though they do not view hard cash as an obligation, the most relative jobs for a Sagittarius are either a photographer or an artist. These jobs help them capture and embrace the beauty they are surrounded by. Sagittariuses hope to impact others to change their lifestyles in a way that benefits our planet.

Sagittariuses are represented by the planet Jupiter because it is the largest planet known in the zodiac universe. Their enthusiasm has no bounds, and they possess peculiarity for the unknown.

They also seek human interaction and contact. When this group of people explore the world, they need to be accompanied by another. In fact, their most compatible zodiac is the Gemini, which is interesting because they seem to have very different characteristics.