Junior Lauren Raupp’s creativity takes the floor


Courtesy of Lauren Raupp

By Austin Zenaty

Creativity is a beautiful thing. Lauren Raupp, a junior at Huntley High School, has been drawing since she was little. She enjoys drawing and painting because it makes her happy.

“I liked art when I was little and I was fascinated by looking at the other paintings and drawings other people made. In my free time I like to draw, paint, and sculpt clay,” Raupp said.

Raupp found a great interest in doing art. She has made it her passion and plans to continue. 

Walking by the art wing, students may have seen her art on displays as they look around. They are filled with sculptures, paintings, and sketches. 

She wants to make art a career and follow that path in the long run. 

“There is so much freedom in art. There aren’t any rules to it. There are so many things in art, and you can basically create what you want,” Raupp said.

Art contains a free environment that allows anyone to create almost anything. With creativity, there is no bad art or good art.

It is how and what you want it to be. Art gives anyone the opportunity to create new things. People express art in so many ways besides painting and drawing. 

Not everybody has the artistic trait it takes to be a good artist. It takes time and resources to learn.

“I do art clubs, and they are after school on Thursdays. Last year, our big thing was to paint murals on the bathroom walls. Since COVID happened, we had to stop because we couldn’t finish, but when we get back we will resume it,” Raupp said.

The art club had big plans for the members last year. 

“Around Christmas time I did face painting for the fine arts academy,” Raupp said.

It was an event for Halloween called “Spooky Buddies” and it was located at the high school.

On Halloween, people could bring in their kids to be a part of some activities. Raupp did the face painting for the children.

She wants to further her career with art because it is a fun thing for her to do. It is also something that she sees herself mastering.

“I do see myself getting some kind of degree for art like graphic design and any type of art there is,” Raupp said.

Continuing art in the future can provide the opportunity to be a professional performing visual artist. It can give you the opportunity to sell the art for good money.