Flashback: Nathan Zawarus


Courtesy of Griffin Hoover

By Steven Schumacher

Nathan Zawarus is a senior who enjoys tubing on Lake Geneva. The pandemic has caused many fun activities, like tubing, to be unsafe. As a result, many people are resigned to their thoughts and feelings and have a lot of time to reflect upon themselves. 

Nathan is no different.

“If I were to describe my personality using only the photo, I would say that I am a happy, outgoing, and energetic person. I had a huge smile on my face because I was having a good time. This made me happy,” Zawarus said. “I would say that I am an outgoing person but it is hard to tell just from this photo. I also had a lot of energy which made the tubing experience even better.”

But just as the seasons change, so do the personalities of those around us, especially during quarantine.

“Now, I could be best described as educated, loyal, and relaxed. I pride myself on my knowledge and my ability to learn. I am a very loyal friend and will always be there for anybody who needs me. I have a very relaxing presence and am generally laid back about most things,” Zawarus said. “I think most people need to be more relaxed because it would really help their state of mind and it would definitely decrease the amount of stress they have in their lives.”

Overall, Zawarus is a very loyal, well educated, and relaxed person.