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  • December 8Fri. Dec. 15 is Grinch Day!
  • December 8Thurs. Dec. 14 is Snowman Day!
  • December 8Wed. Dec. 13 is Flannel Day!
  • December 8Tues. Dec. 12 is Ugly Sweater Day!
  • December 8Mon. Dec. 11 is Pajama Day!
  • December 1Happy December! 2 more weeks 'till Winter Break!
  • November 25Hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving break!

The Voice

The Voice

Courtesy of Aidan Hamilton

Flashback: Aidan Hamilton

By Steven Schumacher
March 21, 2021

Aidan Hamilton is a junior at Huntley High School and aspires to be a part of the United States Air Force after he graduates. On top of hanging out with...

Courtesy of Kyle White

Flashback: Kyle White

By Steven Schumacher
January 27, 2021

Kyle White, who is on the right in the photo, is an avid gamer who enjoys spending time with his friends and family. On top of his many family obligations,...

Courtesy of Griffin Hoover

Flashback: Nathan Zawarus

By Steven Schumacher
December 4, 2020

Nathan Zawarus is a senior who enjoys tubing on Lake Geneva. The pandemic has caused many fun activities, like tubing, to be unsafe. As a result, many...
Dancing With A Passion #3 Freestyle

Dancing With A Passion #3 Freestyle

By Gabby Terez
January 28, 2020