Flashback: Kyle White


Courtesy of Kyle White

By Steven Schumacher

Kyle White, who is on the right in the photo, is an avid gamer who enjoys spending time with his friends and family. On top of his many family obligations, he tries to find the time to relax, play video games, or simply be among his friends.

“The photo depicts me as being a happy, carefree, and enjoyable person. Obviously I am happy because I am smiling, if not laughing. This was a long time ago, so I did not have to worry about many of the things that I do now, so I was technically carefree. I also seemed very enjoyable to be around, but that is just me,” White said.

However, with the start of 2021 and even our school’s hybrid learning plan, things are not so simple for Kyle. Many changes have to be made to his daily schedule, and finding the time to do the things he likes to do is difficult.

“Being a senior this year has been pretty hard. Everything we looked forward to senior year has been canceled or pushed back due to the pandemic. But just as our school year changes, my personality and mood have changed, too,” White said. “Now, I can best be described as focused, devoted, and tired. I need to be more focused on my work in order to be the best student I can be. I have to devote all of my time and efforts to adjusting to this crazy year, and this all has made me very tired.”

Hopefully we can all adjust as well as Kyle White has during these unprecedented times.