Best ways to celebrate Christmas during Covid


Courtesy of Needpix

John Hani

Most people would agree that Christmas is all about family; it is a heartwarming holiday full of good times and gift-giving, but during Covid, things have changed. Christmas celebrations have become a lot more complicated, but families are finding ways to celebrate safely and still have fun.
Quarantine has been rough so what everybody needs is a little bit of relaxing family time. Some families have decided to quarantine super hard and make sure that no one is exposed to covid so that they can feel safe meeting for Christmas. This seems like the most enjoyable, but it also takes the most risk. A good way to take away a portion of the risk is to try and narrow down the number of family members agreeing to meet.
Of course, some families are not willing to take that risk so they have opted for a virtual Christmas. Meeting on zoom or facetime allows families to talk and even play games. Although, some people would disagree because of the constricting feel to it. You cannot choose who you would like to talk to, and you may be stuck playing some game that you didn’t want to. Gift-giving would have to happen prior to Christmas, and that just probably would not feel the same.
Christmas this year may be more trouble than it is worth for the bigger families. The smaller families can stay up to 10 people and employ the 6-foot rule as best as possible, but that is not an option for big families. However, another popular option is a drive-by Christmas.
A driveby Christmas is when you drop by to wish your friends a family a Merry Christmas while also dropping off presents. It seems to be a popular method due to the interaction and the chance to look at Christmas decorations. It would feel bad to leave family members out for a party. Therefore, if you want some interaction with your whole family but still want to keep the risk to a minimum, a well-organized Christmas drive-by seems like the best option.
The things people take for granted during the holiday season are definitely not going to be skipped this year.
Getting into the Christmas spirit is definitely going to be rough, but if you put in some work, then you can still enjoy the holidays. It really depends on you and your situation.
This year, Christmas is a good way to keep your family together and get a breather from all of this quarantine stress. It is in everyone’s best interest to try their hardest to keep in touch with their close friends and relatives.