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John Hani, Staff Writer

Jon Hani is a part of the staff at the voice, this is his first year. He was apart of a fighting gym and he was the youngest person ever in the history of the gym to be accepted into the elite class of fighters. Jon practices fighting in his free time but he mainly has fight people 20 years older than him, but he also loves fluffy animals and loves to write short fiction stories.
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Courtesy of Seth McCulloch

Seth McChulloch: employee by day, paintball extraordinaire by night

By John Hani
April 28, 2021

Paintball Explosion is a very fun place, filled with multiple arenas and different types of games with different rules that involve shooting paintballs...

Courtesy of Needpix

Best ways to celebrate Christmas during Covid

By John Hani
December 13, 2020

Most people would agree that Christmas is all about family; it is a heartwarming holiday full of good times and gift-giving, but during Covid, things have...

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