Read this because your horoscope told you to: Libras

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By Rayne Zilch

Libra’s have birthdays between September 23 and October 22. 

Libra’s are very fair and gracious. When thinking of a libra, bright colors and simpleness should come to mind. Their representative colors are pink and green, much like a typical flower. Flowers need air, which is why air is their element.

There are many strengths when it comes to the traits of a libra. They are cooperative, diplomatic, fair-minded, social, and gentle. These people tend to be very wholesome. They are someone you want to take a trip with and explore the world. Well, good thing they love the outdoors. 

Venus is their planet representation. It expresses their need to be enriched with all the beautiful things life has to offer. Books, music, art, and new places to visit are what excites a Libra. 

Not only do Libra’s hate to be alone, but they also help brighten others surrounding and help by sharing their most positive opinion. The zodiac sign that is in the most need of this help is the Scorpio. Libra’s show them how to meet in the middle of their conflicts.

So far, Libra’s have seemed to be pretty perfect and heartwarming, but they do have their own weaknesses and conflicts. They like to surround themselves with positive and happy people, so when a person interferes with this energy they will hold a grudge. They have a hard time with forgiveness. 

Libra’s also love to feel sorry for themselves. As much as they love to help others, they can not seem to do the same for themselves. But since they put so much effort into helping the other signs, they should do the same in return. 

Libra’s make great friends.