All Around Town Episode 2


E. Armstrong

By Zaina Mohammed

In this week’s addition of All Around Town, I am going to tell you my favorite way to spend the winter in Huntley. 

Now that we are getting snow frequently, sledding is  one of the many ways we can spend this winter. Luckily, we have a huge park right in Huntley where we can go and spend some time in the snow. 

Deicke Park is a great place to go sledding with your family and friends. The park offers huge hills for when it snows, making sledding a great option. It is located at 11419 Illinois 47, Huntley, Illinois. 

The park offers so much space to be able to responsibly distance yourself from others while being able to do everything you would normally do. It costs nothing to go visit. However, they do not offer any sleds, or any sledding equipment at all. 

Overall, sledding at Deicke Park is a great option for winter activities, especially during quarantine. It gives us an opportunity to leave our houses and stay active, even while it gets colder. It is a good way to pass time and enjoy the cold season before it is over. Not only this, but it will be a great bonding experience for you and your family, and I assure you that you will not be visiting only once. 

That is it for today’s All Around Town! Have a great week.