Get to know the music artist: Rex Orange County

By Jacey Sola, Staff Writer

Rex Orange County is a British singer and songwriter. His music is under the genre of indie pop, but he incorporates many other genres, such as jazz, hip-hop, and rock, into his music. He is best known for the songs, “Loving is Easy,” “Sunflower,” “Apricot Princess,” and “Uno.”

Rex Orange County, whose real name is Alex O’Conner, was born in 1988 in the village of Grayshott in Hampshire, England. He has been influenced by many classic and contemporary artists, such as Queen, Stevie Wonder, Green Day, and Weezer.

O’Connor grew up with music and was a part of the school choir. He was also a self-taught drummer and was accepted into BRIT School, a prestigious performing arts and technology school. There, he sang and played the guitar while also learning production software skills and how to play the piano.

At the age of 17, he released his first album “Bcos U Will Never B Free” on Soundcloud in 2016 which included one of his popular songs named “Corduroy Dreams.”

After the release of his first album, he followed up with his more popular songs: ”Uno” in 2016 and “Best Friend” and “Sunflower” in 2017. In April of the same year, he released his second album named “Apricot Princess.” This album garnered him attention from the famous rapper Tyler the Creator.

Tyler the Creator featured O’Connor on two songs from his “Flower Boy” album in 2017. This was very big for O’Connor because this feature helped him get his name out into the public. The following year, O’Connor finished second in the BBC Sound of 2018 poll behind Norwegian singer Sigrid.

In 2019, O’Connor released two more famous songs: “New House” and “10/10.” In October of the same year, he released his third and latest album, “Pony,” which became his most popular album, landing at number one on both the Billboard Top Rock and the Alternative Album charts. This album solidified his music career and turned him into a music sensation worldwide.

From being a part of the school choir to becoming one of the most well-known indie-pop artists, O’Connor has shown that anything is possible and that it is possible to make your dreams into reality.

During an interview with NPR, O’Connor discussed his answer to the question: “What would you tell yourself, like the 17, 16-year-old version of Alex that had no idea he would be famous, no idea that all of this stuff would happen, or no idea that he’d be in love?”

“I probably would just say that there’s nothing you can do about anything, other than just looking at everything. And, trust your instincts. You can never change how it’s going to go, but you can make your own choices. It’s all up to you, as you can’t make your own luck. If you make the choices, you have to be up for whatever comes your way after that,” O’Connor said.