Girl in Red “if i could make it go quiet” album review

By Brooke Hamann, Staff Writer

3:50, the clock read. Running down the stairs I slipped on my black and white Nike gym shoes and abruptly opened my garage door; the wind being of assistance to me and slamming it on the way out. Hopping in my car, I heard the usual *ding ding followed by a whiff of cold air from the vents. My preset 105.5 radio station on command begins to blast through my speakers, sparking up my adrenaline as I reverse the car.

Pulling out of my cul-de-sac I glance at my pedometer and quickly to the radio to see what song and artist was going to appear next. What happened after was something peculiar; an artist I’d never seen suddenly had popped up onto the screen. Girl in Red, it recited. What a mysterious persona, I thought? Wouldn’t one use their real name to accredit their accomplishment?

This nagging thought is why we are all here..

Norwegian musician Girl in Red, aka Marie Ulven, dropped her newest album “if i could make it go quiet” on April 30. Well known for her Indie pop genre of music the album was released independently through her own “World in Red” label after an unexpected delay from COVID-19. Co-produced by Matias Tellez, the album additionally features many well-known artists that Ulven believes listeners will get a kick out of; many of which include Finneas O’Connell.
The singer has described this album to be an emotional recap of the year 2020 in which she attempts to depict her mental health experiences as well as the differing sides of love and/or a relationship.

Despite the slight set-back date of the album due to the pandemic, Girl in Red told NME Media in April of 2020 that, “[the COVID-19 pandemic] ain’t gonna stop World In Red, baby!” It was this suspicious and encouraging announcement that made her listeners all the more intrigued.

Ulvan’s song “Serotonin” hit the charts as the third single soon after the album’s announcement on social media in early March 2021. Girl in Red herself deemed this track, “the biggest she’d ever put out” and “the best track [she] has ever written or produced”, she told NME Media.

It was revealed early on in the album’s making that Girl in Red planned to confront herself through the album’s lyrics, specifically describing the record as “cohesive”.

Additionally in an interview with Insider, Ulvan explained her ambitions for the album’s recording, being quick to note that it “promises a more developed and mature sound.”

Scrolling down the track list, the album is composed of 11 songs, many of which range in popularity by listeners.
As mentioned, the track “Serotonin” is previewed first on the list. This dark but upbeat hit explores her personal struggles with intrusive thoughts, claiming to have spanned over 10 years.

What I enjoyed most about many of the songs was hearing the rhythmic harmony intertwined with the inclusion of various rock instruments. It’s not often that artists these days go without the use of synthesizers or auto tune. Girl in Red strictly sticks to instruments which I think is super cool!

It is definitely an album that can be relatable to and something to learn from. What’s interesting is that despite the difficult topics the lyrics cover, the songs tend to have an upbeat vibe.

Although she is not a typically well-known artist, there are some amazing stories to be heard through her music that I’d highly recommend! You might have even heard Girl in Red before without even knowing it in songs like “We Fell in Love in October”, etc.

Be sure to check out “if i could make it go quiet” now on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, or anywhere you listen to music!