Boys Varsity Lacrosse Killing It Again

By Lauren Schmit, Staff Writer

Going to a lacrosse game for the first time is truly an interesting, entertaining experience. Players whacking their sticks at other players, yellow cards, and the thought of “oh my god, is that guy okay.” The crowd cheering on a Saturday afternoon, some thrilled, some aggravated. If you are familiar with the rules or unfamiliar with the rules, it will always keep you on the edge of your seat no matter the circumstances. The Huntley vs. The Prairie Ridge game on May 8. did exactly that.

“I play girl’s lacrosse, and this was the first time I saw a boy’s lacrosse game. It was so interesting to see how different it is and the different rules that apply. The game was very intense,” junior Alyssa King said.

The varsity lacrosse team built a strong foundation by making point after point in the first quarter, putting them at an advantage throughout the rest of the game.

With 4 minutes and 30 seconds left in the second quarter, Huntley is up 10-2. The team worked so well together and it showed on the field. Justin Jacobson and Dylan Abordo finished up the second quarter with 2 more points, as both hurled the ball into Prairie Ridge’s net. The score was 12-3, just before half-time.

Heading into the third quarter, 9 minutes and 30 seconds left on the clock, number 21 from Prairie Ridge got hit in the head pretty hard. The player had laid on the field for some time, time went by slowly. The chatter amongst the bleachers confused by what had happened and if he was going to be okay. The varsity team took a knee patiently waiting for the game to resume, and for the player to regain his energy to walk off the field.

The crowd cheered as the game continued, the score was 12-5. Huntley was still at an advantage and they continued to make point after point. Nico Andrews made 2 impressive shots one after another, putting the score to 14-5 .

Sean McCamant had the ball in his stick and made a perfect shot into the goal. He ran over to the bleachers and started pointing into the crowd. He was jumping up and down, doing a little victory dance. The cheering from the crowd was electrifying, it made everyone grow a smile on their face. McCamant has been through so much revolving around his father, coach Joe McCamant recently being in a hospital. McCamants optimism on the field filled the crowd’s hearts.

The fourth quarter ended on a thrilling note, with amazing shots from Andrew Toman, Cole Copersmet, and Ian Watson. With only a few minutes left on the clock Nico Andrews ended the score with 20-6. Huntley comes in clutch with another defeat, proving that COVID-19 will not stop the sports teams. The lacrosse season continues as their next game is May 12. at home.

There is always more time to show school spirit and support the lacrosse team.